2007 Flowers Calendar

This wonderful calendar features 12 beautiful flower photographs. Click here for more info.

Field Flower 5

Field Flowers 4

Field Flowers 3

Field Flower 2

Field Flowers

Cherry Bloosom

Dogwood in White

Dogwood in Red

New York Orchid Show - Day 2

New York Orchid Show

New York Orchid Show opened today at the Rockefeller center in New York. There are some amazing orchids on display.

New York Orchid Show

The New York Orchid Show at the Rockefeller center starts on Thursday, but vendors have already begun to set up their displays.

Happy Easter!



Originated in China, Forsythia shrub is now found almost everywhere. Its fiery yellow flowers look amazing in early April when it blooms.

Cherry Blossom



Marigold, one of the favorites in the home gardens, loves the Spring Sun.

Creeping Phlox - Fort Hill

These flowers have a very unusual name - "Creeping Phlox" - but are one of my favorite early Spring flowers. They are easy to grow and need a lot of sun.



One Of My Own

I planted a bulb last fall thinking that nothing will come out of it, but to my great surprise, a couple of weeks ago a small green stem started popping out of the ground and it is now growing to be a beautiful purple hyacinth!

Dogwood Blooming